• Ivana Marinković-Matović HYPO Alpe-Adria-Bank, Belgrade, Serbia


strategic management, motivation, employees, material factors, intangible factors


The quality of strategic management is dependant of the successful development of a motivational system. A successful motivational system implies the necessity of considering all the needs of employees, both analytical and synthetical, and in accordance with that, the development of certain modules of work and behavior. Such a motivational system encompasses the interests of shareholders and the interests of all employees, and thus society as a whole. In this paper we glimpse the general characteristics of the motivational system, which may vary between operating systems, industry and national economy. In addition, the work will address the most common "myths" related to the study and application of motivation in the business system. Then the paper will determine the basic material and intangible factors of motivation, and make conclusions about the importance of each of these factors.


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