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Branislav Ivanov
Milena Jevtić
Dragiša Stanujkić
Darjan Karabašević
Florentin Smarandache


The Internet has brought almost limitless possibilities for the promotion of services and products and thereby caused a significant change in the world. It also allowed beginners to get more important information about their future jobs. Based on this idea, the research and writing of this work began. In this paper, we investigate how much IT companies' websites provide information on company products, used technology and relationships with employees. The paper presents a multicriteria model for evaluating IT companies' websites from the point of view of young IT experts.


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Ivanov, B., Jevtić, M., Stanujkić, D., Karabašević, D., & Smarandache, F. (2018). EVALUATION OF WEBSITES OF IT COMPANIES FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF IT BEGINNERS. BizInfo (Blace) Journal of Economics, Management and Informatics, 9(2), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.5937/bizinfo1802001I


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