• Darjan Karabašević John Naisbitt University Belgrade, Faculty of Management Zaječar
  • Dragiša Stanujkić John Naisbitt University Belgrade, Faculty of Management Zaječar
  • Snežana Urošević University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor
  • Mlađan Maksimović John Naisbitt University Belgrade, Faculty of Management Zaječar



HRM, recruitment and selection, MCDM, SWARA, WASPAS


Human resource management is consisted of all activities that are aimed at ensuring continuous development, satisfying the needs of employees, motivation and retention of employees within the company along with achievement of their goals in an effective manner. Development plan of human resource management in the company is created in accordance with the strategic objectives of the company. Human resource management in the company also has its most important integrative component that is reflected in attracting and retaining employees who possess certain skills and competencies. Therefore, process of recruitment and selection occupies a very important role in the management of human resources. This manuscript propose one approach to problem of personnel selection based on the use of SWARA and WASPAS method. In order to demonstrate efficiency and applicability of the proposed approach, a numerical example is conducted.


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Karabašević, D., Stanujkić, D., Urošević, S., & Maksimović, M. (2016). AN APPROACH TO PERSONNEL SELECTION BASED ON SWARA AND WASPAS METHODS. BizInfo (Blace) Journal of Economics, Management and Informatics, 7(1), 1–11.

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