• Aleksandar Stavković Belgrade Business School - Higher Educational Institution for Applied Studies, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Srećko Radojičić Business School of Applied Studies in Blace, Serbia
  • Vladimir Mladenović Business School of Applied Studies in Blace, Serbia
Keywords: compliance regulations, duties, customs code, foreign exchange


The Republic of Serbia is making a series of new laws largely harmonized its customs legislation with the customs legislation of the European Union. But this process is not yet complete and we can expect some serious work on further harmonization. Even more so if you are just a present that new Modernized Customs Code, which significantly changed compared to the previous adopted 2009th year. What should be emphasized that the basic laws in the area of ​​customs, the Customs Act, the Customs Tariff Law, the Law on free zones, as well as all the make by-laws adopted by the greatest extent possible legal solutions prescribed by EU customs law. In preparing the conditions for entry into the European Union our country first of all has to adjust its legal system to legal system of the European Union. As the area that should be specified not equal importance to the dynamics of harmonizing different. The aim is to highlight the importance of harmonizing cariskih legislation with the EU, Serbia would be prepared for entry into the European Union.


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