• Dragana Ilić Higher Business School of Vocational Studies, Leskovac
  • Predrag Stamenković Higher Business School of Vocational Studies, Leskovac
  • Momčilo Conić Secondary Trade and Hospitality School, Leskovac
Keywords: ecological aspects, spa tourism, sustainable development


What makes spa tourism to be one of the most developed kinds of tourism in Serbia is a large number of thermo-mineral springs, a long tradition of spa resorts and their importance for the development of tourism. During the time, this kind of tourism showed numerous peculiarities. Nowadays, many of them are still there and they refer to an emphasized amount of tourist traffic during the summer months, a shorter and shorter average residence of guests as well as a great deal of participation of complementary accommodation facilities in comparison with the basic ones. The aim of this assignment is the emphasis of ecological components in sustainable development of spa tourism in Serbia.


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