• Violeta Đorđević Bachelor School for Technical Engineering, Trstenik
  • Ljiljana Pecić Bachelor School for Technical Engineering, Trstenik


managemet system integration, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000


Market is today exposed to continuous changes and innovations in the field of product technology and timely the organization's reactions to those changes are necessary for securing the constant presence and survival on the market y. Only organizations that respond quickly to modern tendencies on the market and adapt them are competitive and competitive. The management system is a system for establishing the organization's policy and goals and achieving these goals. Many organizations that want to meet the quality requirements, environmental protection and the safety and security of people face the problem: how to do that and how to integrate different management systems. The integration of multiple systems into one is much more efficient and economical than the development and implementation of separate systems. This paper presents the short theoretical integration of three management systems: the quality of ISO 9000, the environmental protection of ISO 14000 and the protection of health and safety at work OHSAS 18000, and the practical integration of these three management systems at the level of the production process, observing the specific part from the production: Sito 40- 504.412, which is an integral part of the product Hand pump 40-506.900.K1, PPT-Hydraulics.


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Dokumentacija proizvoda Ručna pumpa 40-506.900.K1, PPT-Hidraulika.




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