• Aleksandra Jevtović Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies, Blace Department, Serbia
Keywords: sociology of tourism, globalization, culture, social networks, everyday life


The process of globalization has encompassed all segments of social production and existence. Tourism has contributed to the globalization to a large degree by networking the whole society and by increasing its mobility, implying that it represents a complementary phenomenon. This paper discussed basic relations between tourism with working and leisure time as well as with the whole social everyday life but also a change of focus in the development of sociological thought in between modern and postmodern society. The focus of the paper is on the analysis of social networks Facebook and Instagram, which have become a part of everyday social experience during the second decade of this century and due to incerasing usage of smartphones. The aim of the paper is to point out the relation between everyday social activity and globalization process as well as their consequences for the future development of tourism through consideration of virtual social communities. Тhe results of the paper indicate that globalization is a two-way process which is contributed by the daily activities of social individuals to a large degree, but also that the Internet should be understood as an auxiliary tool, not as a future ground for obtaining touristic experiences.


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