• Marija Stojiljković Business School of Applied Studies in Blace, Serbia


The first economy is a problem in all countries, no matter how they are economically developed. In the European Union the first economy is so widespread. The most widespread form of the informal economy in almost all countries of the EU is working on the „black” (even today, 30 million EU citizens realize some income by working in the “black”). Also, the major problem in countries of EU member states is the tax (VAT) fraud and various forms of abuse that have resulted in not only loss of income countries - member states, but also the revenues of the budget of the Union. The fight against tax evasion and  protection  of  financial  interests  of  the  budget  has  become  a priority for the EU. Money laundering is a phenomenon of which is very difficult to collect reliable information, and is widespread in all countries, regardless of the degree of their economic development. If the economic crisis of bigger, even bigger opportunities for money laundering (money gotten the first economy, trade in arms, drugs and various financial machinations that are inserted into legal channels)

Aug 8, 2017
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